Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Shadow, the senior foster chihuahua*, wore this to an adoption event this weekend! How dang cute is this?!?!?!?  Thanks to Chava for the photo!

* Yes, he is available for adoption! Don't you want him? Write me if you do!


OMG PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!! That is how I felt pretty much every time I saw Marlo last week!

Dog art

Baxter the Beagle's big sister, Nora the Human Child*, drew this amazing portrait of him in our notebook!  Isn't it perfect?

*No one calls her that.


Everybody looks good in a yellow slicker, but especially Aspen!


A hairless Chinese Crested? A puppy? With a sweater and blue hair? ARE YOU KIDDING?!!?!? He is amazing!!!!


Tiny Lola is a dream to take care of! Her little tiny legs barely need walking! She's very happy to just play fetch inside!

Burt the beagle!

Burt is crazy on walks, but almost immediately goes and falls asleep on his person's bed afterwards!

Bella cat!

We got to take care of cute little Bella and her brother Rye in August while their folks were off getting married! Such a treat! What sweeties!


Looks like I finally got a good picture of Kali, one of the greatest pups on Earth!