Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Maxx and Dru yet again!

Dru was so small here!


Roxie certainly has the most extensive wardrobe of any of our dogs. My neighbor Omar always says she's too fancy for this neighborhood. I disagree. We need her touch of class.

Ms. Benni

The light is not great here, but I had to show you all my tiny friend Ms. Benni, who is so small that her XS sweatshirt is a little big on her!

Tucker's t-shirt!

It really made my day when I showed up to walk Tucker and he was wearing this Transformers T-shirt for no apparent reason!


Paulie lives with Annie. He always has the funniest haircuts!


I think I've posted pics of Annie before. She's very photogenic, since she always looks like she's smiling!

Belle the cat!

Belle is always a pleasure to care for! She looooves people, and especially being brushed!


And here is Jarry's favorite Friday playmate, Zelda!


Best hair! Jarry is a funny guy!


Holy moly, how cute is this dog? She hates being outside, so we usually only walk Maude's sister, Lucy. But she needed to pee more when she was recovering from surgery, so here I got a rare picture of Maude in the sunlight! Look how shy she is! And look how squishy her face is!

Dudes I miss!

I took this in November, I think. Both Griffin (left) and Otto (right) have since gone to live elsewhere for a while. I hope to see both of them again soon! Two of the best old men ever!


Sometimes we take care of animals that are neither dogs nor cats. Franz here is proof! Another happy customer.

Drusilla loves Mr. Pants

Me and Wilbur

It looks like I'm posing for an album cover. My new single is called "Wilbur."

Maxx and Dru again

Look at these cuties cuddle!

Abusing my power

Since it's my blog, and I can post whatever I want, I shall post too many photos of my own pets. Here are Maxx and Drusilla at Bartram's Garden this weekend! Dru is still trying to figure out how to swim, but she gets the basic concept of fetch/tug/steal the stick from Maxx, so she's halfway there. She has no fear of the water, either, she just doesn't know what to do once her feet aren't on the ground.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Luna cat!

If you ever eat at the Satellite Cafe, you've probably met Luna. She finds all the best sleeping spots.

Scout cat!

Here is a tiny ball of fuzzy love named Scout, perched on my shoulder. She has a really cute meow, too.

Baxter the bulldog!

We have two Baxters now. Baxter the bulldog just cracks me up. See him beg for treats with a curtain on his head! Look at the tongue! Augh! (I'll put pics of Baxter the beagle up next week.)


OMG, Little tiny Millie is just so precious, but completely terrified of everything but her mom! She lets P.U.P.S. take her on walks, but you can tell she thinks we're plotting her death the whole time. It's OK, Millie! We love you! We promise not to kill you! I just want to give you treats and hugs and kisses!

Friday, April 13, 2012

And we're back!

I can't believe I haven't updated the blog since August! Whoops!

So here are some highlights from the past few months!

Here's our buddy Molly on Valentine's Day!


I love Missy! She lives in my building and she is ton of fun to play with in my yard!

Eric Owens and his pal Tiger Lilly

Eric is our newest pet sitter! He moved to Philly a few months ago after running his own dog walking service in Brooklyn for several years. Welcome, Eric!

Tiger Lilly was being fostered until recently, but she was adopted a couple weeks ago. We're happy for her but we'll miss her! Look at that tiny face!


Brownie is an adorable pale-brindle-and-white pitty mix, whose enthusiasm never fails.


Few things are more charming to me than a squishy-face dog who can't keep his tongue fully in his mouth! Nemo is one of the most charming little men ever.


Belle, of the Golden Girls, has always hated being photographed- seriously! She will up and leave if she sees a phone or a camera pointed at her! But this one day she was wearing her stylish new parka, so she allowed me to snap a cute photo before she wandered away. That's Sasha, kind of blurry in front of her.