Thursday, April 29, 2010

Griffin and his ball

I just found this one. I think Greg took it?

Willie and Tank

Aaaaaargh cute friends!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Boo is one of our newer clients, and she is SO MUCH FUN! Her family really lucked out with such a super sweet dog. They had thought they'd try not to get a pit bull, but then they met her, and like so many before them, they learned not to believe the hype!

Sid loves Springtime!

Sid is one of the kitties that lives with the 4 dogs we like to call the Golden Girls. Last week he was all about the sunshine!

Maxx and Delilah

Car friends on the way back from Clark Park!

Sharon, Jack, and Dora

A few months ago I was excited when the all but two dogs were canceled one day- MLK day maybe? One of those holidays that's on a Monday...but anyway the two dogs remaining were Dora and Jack, who live too far away from each other to walk together usually, but since I had extra time, I thought it would be cute to introduce them, since they look so much alike! I'm not sure if Dora is a mini-Jack or jack is a giant Dora! They had a lot of fun playing together that day!

Greg's date with Boris

It's a long story, but check out that bow tie on Boris! I love this picture!

Erik and Tank in the Rain!

4/26/10- Matching!!!!


Hello world! Welcome to the P.U.P.S. blog, where we will post photos and musings from our West Philly wanderings! Enjoy!