Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mike, Zoe, Delilah, and Maxxie.

Mike with Triple Trouble

And last but not least, I wish a hearty farewell to my friends Zoe the lab and Delilah the Catahoula Leopard Dog. They frequently visited Clark Park with Mike and Maxx and me. Zoe moved to New Mexico in September, and Delilah moved elsewhere in Philly. I hope I'll be able to still see her sometimes.

Goodbye and good luck to you both, Zoe and Delilah!


Annie the French bulldog is a beautiful little girl, who looked particularly good in this sunbeam!


Paulie is so damn cute! He's a new client of ours who lives with Annie, who I'll show you next. They are so sweet and we are really glad to meet them and spend time with them. Paulie has a funny haircut but it just makes him cuter.

Timmy of the Trees!

Remember that crazy storm we had in West Philly in March? It knocked down so many trees! Timmy here really lived up to his formal name that day- TIMBER!

Ted Turner

Ted Turner is a super cool cat who lives with a dog named Mama, who hates to be photographed, and a couple other super cool cats.

Jack and a tiny puppy!

Oh man, speaking of the summer, we had a great day at an event in Clark Park this past June. While waiting for Jack to compete in a weight-pulling contest, we (Greg and Maggie and Mike and Nicole and Jarf and I) made friends with an adorable little pittie puppy! I forget his name, but they were from up in North Philly somewhere. Man, that puppy was sweet! Jack obviously liked him too!

Sasha and Princess

Sasha and Princess are part of the group of dogs we call the Golden Girls. Here they are this past summer holding hands!


This is from the first time I walked Molly!

Luna matches my shoes

Erik at the dog prty

Another pic from the fun we had at Chester Ave Dog Park- Erik would throw two balls at once, and all the dogs would run!

Dog party!

A few weeks ago, we had a great morning at the dog park. Erik brought Jack and Griffin, and I brought Radar and Bunny, and we all had a great time running around.

The P.U.P.S. office holiday party!

This is pretty much the only good photo from our holiday party at my house last week. Griffin was a special guest- he and Maxxie wore holiday bowties!

Griffin, hipstamatized.

This picture of Griffin, one of our favorite fetchers and longest-running clients, was taken with an iPhone app called Hipstamatic. (I hate the name but the pictures are really cool.) The one of Dawg was also taken with it.

Dawgie Dawg!

Dawg, a.k.a. Randy, is one of our newest clients, and she's soooo sweet. She's a red heeler. She's retired from a career in herding out in the southwest!


Clairbear, chilling on her porch in the summer.

Bolivar on his bed

Dora in the winter!

Charlie and Molly

These are going to go up in pretty random order- this one is from just a couple weeks ago. Molly, a pittie mix, and Charlie, a golden mutt, make a LOT of noise when they play together, but they have become great friends!

Willie in the sun

Hey everybody! Happy holidays and a happy new year! My gift to the world is finally updating the blog!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

4th Annual PAWS Mutt Strut

We are doing the Mutt Strut! Please donate if you can!4th Annual PAWS Mutt Strut

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Slimmy!

Oh man, Slim had a great day last week when Mike came over to her yard and pet her head for a really long time. That face kills me.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


One of multiple "Buddies" we know, actually. I stayed at his house last night and he was sooo excited but then all the excitement of entertaining made him sleepy.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Bobbo and Claire

Claire is a very shy, scaredy dog, but her brother Bobbo is the opposite! Bobbo is one of the few things besides food that Claire shows obvious interest in, so I was totally excited to snap this photo of them together!

My weekend with Alice and Dee Dee (and Maxx and Mike)

This weekend a very kind client let me take her dogs up to her cabin in the Poconos, and she let Mike and Maxx (my partner and his dog, who are the loves of my life) accompany us. It was an AMAZING weekend, especially since it was so hot, but it's always a bit cooler in the woods! We hiked down to a waterfall and then spent some time by a big lake- both days! I've known Alice and Dee Dee forever, and though they are both getting up there in years, they are still so full of fun and love! It took some time for me to earn Dee Dee's trust, so it was extra nice to be able to have her off leash for most of the weekend. It means we are finally totally comfortable together. Maxx loves to fetch sticks in the water, and Alice loves to bark at her when she does that, so they have a great friendship too!

EDIT: Mike says Maxx was offended that I didn't include any pictures of her swimming, since she's so proud of her recently discovered skill! He's right. How thoughtless of me. Here is Maxx after her first experience with geese! (Not the best photo, but the best I got...)

Alice by the waterfall.

Maxx on the trail.

Mike and Maxx and little Dee Dee heading towards the lake.

Dee Dee chilling out by the waterfall.

Alice loves to swim in the lake! If you can, try and zoom in on her face. She has the BEST underbite.

OMG I love my job!!!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


From Friday! It was so hot out, all the dogs were panting all day!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Griffin and his ball

I just found this one. I think Greg took it?

Willie and Tank

Aaaaaargh cute friends!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Boo is one of our newer clients, and she is SO MUCH FUN! Her family really lucked out with such a super sweet dog. They had thought they'd try not to get a pit bull, but then they met her, and like so many before them, they learned not to believe the hype!

Sid loves Springtime!

Sid is one of the kitties that lives with the 4 dogs we like to call the Golden Girls. Last week he was all about the sunshine!

Maxx and Delilah

Car friends on the way back from Clark Park!

Sharon, Jack, and Dora

A few months ago I was excited when the all but two dogs were canceled one day- MLK day maybe? One of those holidays that's on a Monday...but anyway the two dogs remaining were Dora and Jack, who live too far away from each other to walk together usually, but since I had extra time, I thought it would be cute to introduce them, since they look so much alike! I'm not sure if Dora is a mini-Jack or jack is a giant Dora! They had a lot of fun playing together that day!

Greg's date with Boris

It's a long story, but check out that bow tie on Boris! I love this picture!

Erik and Tank in the Rain!

4/26/10- Matching!!!!


Hello world! Welcome to the P.U.P.S. blog, where we will post photos and musings from our West Philly wanderings! Enjoy!