Wednesday, August 22, 2012


This is by far the cutest picture of Tank I've ever taken. Beagles have great smiles!

Kaia and Aspen

Kaia is a nice older lady who lives in the same building as our fluffy little friend, Aspen! She was staying at his house for a few days so we got to walk them both! It was super super hot out that week so we did a lot of hanging out in their building's dog run. How cute are they?



Farewell, Ruby!

Oh no! Ruby moved to another neighborhood! Stop doing this to us, people! We loved this crazy adorable pittie so much! Good luck out there, cutie pie! Don't eat any cats!

Dru and Mr. Pants


Roxie again!

Earnestly begging for a piece of my bagel. Sorry, dear, at your size, a crumb might make you gain a pound!

Madonna and Slaid!

I recently got to house sit for Madonna and Slaid, who are super fun! Madonna the Chihuahua is the tiniest little old dog! Here she is cuddling on me!
Slaid the poodle is a big old goofball, and so gentle with his tiny sister!

 I took a few shots trying to show the size difference, but this was the only good one: